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Swoop, one of the leading Refurbished retails of the Netherlands, chooses Serac’s Omnichannel Service (OMS) solution. Swoop sells refurbished Samsung and Apple tablets, laptops and phones, but is also known for her quick repairservice for these products. To support and further the enormous growth of the past years, Swoop chooses Serac’s Business One OMS solution.

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Serac realizes a full integration of physical stores and e-commerce platform for Swoop. This integration is essential from the Omnichannel ideology: To respond swiftly to the changing desires of customers. SAP Business One is the new IT-heart of Swoop. The physical stores will be integrated to SAP B1 with Retail XML (Serac’s POS solution). The Serac SBO Magento Integrator in turn connects the webshop to the ERP-system.

To optimally support the important repair-process, Swoop will start using the Serac Omnichannel Service module. This module is fully integrated into SAP Business One as well. This way, customers will be able to offer their repairs online and offline, approve quotations, follow progress, and indicate collect- and deliveryaddresses. All changes to a file are processed in real-time in the ERP-system.

The Serac Omnichannel service module supports Swoop with the quality assurance and repairs of her refurbished products. It is important the processes on the service department are as accurate and efficient as possible. With the Serac Omnichannel service, the entire servicepath can be set up as needed. This way, service-employees are optimally supported by the ICT, and they can focus completely on their core tasks. This results in a 2 year guarantee on all refurbished products.

For continuity and stability, Swoop chooses the Serac Private Cloud service. This completely unburdens Swoop when it comes to IT, so she can focus on her customers and further growth of the organization.

The following months will be dominated by the implementation. Serac is looking forward to working with Swoop.