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July 2015- Keyser & Mackay live in 7 countries with CRM in SAP Business One

Keyser & Mackay replaces Archie CRM software by the standard CRM module in SAP Business One. The expansion of CRM-functionalities in SAP Business One, combined with the integration of Microsoft Outlook, were decisive for Keyser & Mackay to replace their CRM software Archie.

With Serac as implementation-partner it was decided to phase the implementation over the 7 countries (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Spain). After a successful go-live in the Netherlands in March 2015 the implementation of the new CRM for the other 6 countries was done within 13 weeks.

SAP Business One’s Outlook-integration ensures all information is available in both SAP Business One as in Outlook. By implementing SAP Business One’s CRM-functionality, Keyser & Mackay’s sales employees can easily use Microsoft Word templates to create standard letters and e-mails. The standard report tool of SAP Business One was used to create a customer overview which shows all of a customer’s information on one sheet of A4-paper. Sales employees visiting customers will receive a copy of this overview by e-mail on the morning of the visit. These mails are sent automatically using AutoDoc SAP/HSE.

In the near future the SAP B1 app will be implemented. Using this tool, sales employees have a real time overview of order status and stock. The app can also be used to process relevant CRM information, like visiting reports, directly.

By implementing CRM Keyser & Mackay has all the necessary tools to support her continued growth during the next few years.