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Time & Material

Time & Material XML has been specially developed for SAP Business One companies that wish to register project hours and costs simply and to invoice for these in a controlled way. Through the integration of Time & Material with SAP, information about price agreements and payment frequencies can be easily sourced from one database. Time & Material is the ideal solution for implementing your project administration accurately and efficiently. In practice this is most commonly applicable in the consultancy, accountancy and service sectors.

Functions and characteristics

  • Simple registration of hours and projects by every member of staff using browser interface
  • The staff member can only enter hours for a project to which he or she is linked
  • Project and hour input can occur at any location using the browser interface
  • Distinguishes between main projects and sub-projects
  • Simple “40 hour” check via the Internet
  • Includes extensive contracts and subscriptions module for contract management
  • Includes work flow for the approval of concept declarations and invoices
  • Complete integration with the Finance module of SAP Business One